Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tunnel Guard

A man drove for about 6-7 hundred miles and reached a jungle. The moment he has seen the jungle all his energies are down. He is left with no idea. He is at a point where he can't decide between the several opportunities the jungle shows him. A wise man who has helped him to reach the jungle told him that there are many tunnels in the jungle which are guarded by few people who will be asking questions all the way and you've to sing a beautiful song once he asks a question in order to make him happy and once you cross any of the tunnels you can actually know what you are and you can give a kick start to your future.

He found it to be interesting and collects bunch of torches as guided by the wise man. After traveling for an hour in the jungle he found a tunnel and found a man standing at the entrance of the tunnel. He went to him and told him that he wants to go to the end of the tunnel along with him to build future. He said okay and give me the torch you've got. This lad gives the torch and walks ahead in the tunnel. The tunnel guard poses him some questions like where do you come from? what did you do before you've dropped at this jungle and continues asking some questions. This lad feels that his duty is only to take him to the end and gets frustrated and at the same time he is having some fear at the bottom of his heart as he was guided by the wise man that if he fails to sings properly he'll be thrown out of the tunnel. The moment he sings an image will be formed on the tunnel with a chemical released from the torch and this happens for every answer that he makes. But somehow the guard is not satisfied with the images that are being made so he kicks the lad out of the tunnel and warns him not to turn back at least for three months.

The lad gets disappointed and tries his luck at 2-3 tunnels. But to his surprise there is some improvement in the distance that he's traveling and he even finds from the experience that the torch that he is using also adds some negative impression to the guard and learns the knack to give the best possible torch to the guard so that it will not show bad images to him and learns that this trick is working well and he has already reached 80% of the tunnel and makes a cross check of the answers that he is giving and develops a skill of singing in a better way.

After traveling for couple of weeks he finds a big tunnel which is beyond his expectation and many people were not even permitted to enter it. This lad goes and stands in the queue and when his turn comes he gives an appropriate torch and happily enters the tunnel and starts singing happily, confidently and with all his abilities and the guard feels happy and asks him more questions as he is eager to listen to him and the way the lad is singing and the images that are formed in the tunnel are beautiful to look and feel. The guard is very happy with him and send permits him to cross 90% of the tunnel where he actually meets a new guard who is very tall dark in color wearing long coat and with a cigar in mouth. After seeing him all the energy levels of the lad are down. But the guard treats him cordially and shoots some typical questions and asks him to sing in a convincing way and with shivering voice which is an impact of the butterflies in his stomach, the lad somehow performs well. The guard feels good and offers a bunch of leafs and says bring these leafs tomorrow and give them to the guard who's there he'll open the door to your future by saying this he points his finger at a guard who is sitting a day/ week away from the place he's standing. He eagerly runs to the guard ans shows the leaves to him. After seeing the leafs the guard opens the door and welcomes him to the future.

The lad places his step and crosses the door and finds a very beautiful image of him placed on a wall and everyone in his family will be clapping near that image and his mother offers him a sweet and his father hugs him happily after seeing the image. He feels very happy and shouts "Hurray! I achieved it." And meets the people who were already there and starts walking towards his future along with them.

Note:In this story the 6-700 miles is the education that we're done with and the wise man is our teacher/ trainer/ guru. The Jungle is the land of opportunities and the Guard is an Interviewer and the tunnel is the mind of the interviewer and the torch is our resume and singing is the answers that we give to the interviewer. The final image is the job which we get. So guys if we give good image to the interviewer in a pleasing and convincing way the job is ours. 

Now read the story again

 I've been attending interviews for couple of weeks so it made me to think and write this story.

Thanks and Regards,
Dawn (Anirudh)

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do or Die Call

I'm becoming impatient everyday. I am hating to be a lethargic kind of person. The continuous classroom sessions which run for 6 hours everyday attached with a 4 more hour home work or brainstorming type of sessions have started to look like time waste processes of my life. The same PGDM which was my aim had become a barrier to my mentality these days. I don't blame the program which I'm undergoing but its the different Anirudh who is willing to add more colors to his wings. My ideas are not letting me to permit myself to get glued to a cube or any other job. The burn has now started in my heart to break the barriers of first work and then start a business. I want to try out something new in my life. The term business is luring me. Its not the money that am looking in it and it is not that correct that I am not fully aware of the competition and the risk factors. I know these things but somehow I have made my mind ready to start something new. May be the rebellious attitude has probed me to change my path. I happily placed my blog address in my resume and here am posting my idea of starting a business and to look myself as an entrepreneur in a very short time. This  may be a potential threat to me but I sincerely admit the fact that the burn of doing something new can never end and I can't cheat others by saying I'm a guy who can easily fit to a cube and get his bums glued to the chair without thinking any other things. It is not just preventing myself from cheating other but this blog helps me to look at it once and feel yes Entrepreneurship was the thing which I was looking for and to make myself happy when I have reached the milestone if not to keep me aware of the goal that I have to reach.

I may be having ambiguity and chaos in my mind but I can surely predict that someday or the other this chaotic situation turns out to be an advantage to me.

Anirudh (Hopefully an Entrepreneur tomorrow)

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Today is your Tomorrow- The Innovator's Way

A man always used to shout my today is your tomorrow. People thought that this man is crazy and how come his today can be our tomorrow and used to use the same practices that they used to do.Days have passed everything went in the same way. One day this man came with a new thing which had helped everyone and everyone have started using it. Then they understood that he is an innovator and his statement was all about Innovation.
Any innovators today is our tomorrow. Every time when an innovation knocks the world the world replies it with 2 dialogues either wow! or oh! no. Let us listen to Innovation and what it is going to say about itself.

To go back to the very olden days. People used to roam with bare body . One day a person used a piece of wood and killed an animal and wore its skin and started a trend called clothing. People took birth and people were leaving earth with the effect of the demon called death  but there is always a brainy who has contributed to my existence, the screen which you are looking, the blog that you are reading, satin, polyester, cotton, wool whatever the name is the garment that you are wearing, cell phones, computers, the kitchenware that you use, the vehicle that you use for transport, the job that you do, the building that you live in, the medicine that you consume, the bullet that kills you what not ? everything that helps you in surviving and that introduces to the change maker called death is a face of mine. If I’m not born there is no person called you will be existing in this world. I’m Innovation the most welcomed and the most needed term next to basic needs to help you to exist.  
I think I’m the only kid with many parents. I never had a break because if one announces me in the form of one article, product or service there will be other person at another end announcing me in the similar or in a completely new form. I really don’t know why actually people think of doing something new but often the observers’ say that they hate being one in the croud but prefers to be unique or they are the ones’ who want to make their lives look easier and also with a passion to achieve something. Whatever the reason is they are giving birth to me so I’m proud about them.
So, it is found that Innovation is proud of its parents, to stress more without innovation there is no existence because an average human being is not satisfied with using the same thing for years together as change is a factor that forces him to think of going for a new thing. So, if an innovator is visualising something today it helps us to be equipped tomorrow.

Dawn (Anirudh)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Egoism and Relation

A relation is a bondage between two different metabolisms and two different genetics. It is the only link that brings two different mindsets to think alike or to act alike. Such a beauty at times is pressurized and ruled by the egos of persons. The whole reading process of this blog post will encompass through some mistakes we commit usually in relations which at times throws us in sorrows and bruises which doesn't have cure.

Why ego is a barrier to relation?
Ego is a factor that arises in the minds of a person when s/he is reluctant to accept the other person as s/he is. A matter of fact is left unidentified which is the prime rule that says the other person is entirely different from you in all the aspects of living. This differs you from others in the areas of characteristics which are related to her/his personality and the process of thinking.

When one forgets this fact and assumes that other person has to act according to her/him automatically there is a chance of conflict arise in that situation. Instead of this one has to accept the other person without any assumptions and with pure openness. Also, one has to understand the other person only by stepping into her/his shoes but not by standing in one's own boundaries.

I personally has to admit the fact that I was adamant towards my friends who are around me. I always preferred that they are like me. Life always teaches a lesson at the cost of some value. When I have started loosing some valuables I have started learning the mistakes but still continued to commit the same but recently learned the bitter truth that made me to slowly evolve and change my colors to add wings and start flying in the area of relations. I may now loose people but not at the cost of egoism as these are the words that am penning down as an undertaking to myself.

Ego and misunderstandings are the ones that will run the relation and what if one is adamant to accept your mistakes then there will be a blank in one's life. Bible says "Who rules by sword will end by sword." So, one should rule only by love and understanding when these two parameters are flooding in one;s heart there is no chance of egoism. If still it is arising that means he is still having some gap of adopting these rules. Unless one forgets him when you are with others you can't be with people.

At the same time one has to lead her/his life by following " నొప్పించక తానోప్పక" that means without hurting others and without hurting oneself.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Music and we.........

  "Sisurvetti Pasurvetti Vetti Gaana Rasampanihi" that means infants, animals and even snakes can enjoy the music.
Music has a significant role in everyone's life. I think without music one can't survive in this world. Music is a passion for few and an area of interest for few and may be a hobby for few (several people mention listening to music as their first hobby in their resume). Whatever the form or treatment that is given to music, it has a great significance in the world and it is a medium to bring several people of several tastes and habits to one place. Music is divine and it is the powerful medium.

Sound rays will travel faster than that of  any rays. It shows the power of sound. Organised flow of sounds is called as music. Music is being used to treat several chronic illnesses and to attract a mass. The music has become a part of everyone's life, a child grows up by listening to the lullaby sung by her mother and slowly develops interest towards the music and will build a specific taste later. So a human being's life has started by listening to music and it continues by listening to music and ends by listening to music.

Right from the cry of an infant and to the cry of Micheal Jackson everything has the power of  Music ans music is everywhere in the world. We enjoy the music everywhere like sound of air and rain drops and several other sounds. Music is a part of life for people who go on for works and even for people who make music as a profession. 

Music has the power of making you to feel yourself good and it makes you to sense yourself and even to forget everything that is around you and your burdens and responsibilities and take you away into a new world where you can sense your happiness and relaxation. Despite of the social status and the income range every human being will tap his shoe on the floor or nods his head listening to the music.

This is a common religion which the entire world is accepting where there are several forms of practicing the religion like Carnatic, Hindustani, Rock and etc. Whatever the practicing style is it has the power of attracting everyone across the world and is the only form which unites all individuals at a place. If music is not having that power several pop stars would have ended their lives as common men without identity. We are having a bondage with music and music is bringing everyone together. Let the Music continue....


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Movies, Management and Me

Hi! Its been long time I made a post here. In this gap I have moulded myself into a scriptwriter and a shortfilm director. Worked with some brains which have mastered in the movie making business enjoyed watching the editing rooms dubbing theaters and several other places where actually a reel turns into a movie(including shooting spots).

Besides I'm continuing my management education. People have started asking me a questions saying "What's the relevance between movie making and management. And why don't you shift to movie making when you like it much."
I hope that this post will be an answer to all those questions.

For me making movies or watching them is just a hobby but its life to many. But both these streams are having an inter relation to a larger extent. A movie includes all the genres of management studies like human resources, financial management, production, marketing management and operations. It is always taught that management is applying mere commonsense and is not a rocket science as it is the study of the principles developed by the people who are not well educated but who have mastered the management science by running the businesses profitably and effective.

Coming to the point I wanna brief you on how the above mentioned fields are related to movie making. If procuring inventory and effective utilisation of resources then movie is no different as it deals in procuring all the inventory like generators labor and etc to carry out the shooting activity perfectly. Movies deals with capital and procuring funds and utilising them. Human resources is the key element in the movie making as it deals with creative heads working to make a thought into a movie. If these intellectual's creativity is not used properly then the movie will end in disaster if an actor fails to perform well then the audience will not enjoy the drama that is created around them in the theaters or before screens so they need to perform well and the person who needs to control every activity like actors, cameramen, editing department and production department is the director of the movie. I feel a director is one of the best HR's of the world. The next function is marketing whatever the movie is whether it is the worst one, a disaster or an extraordinary fiction a trailer is one of the popular marketing technique that attracts the audience in coming to the cinema hall.

Out of all movie is one of the most profitable businesses in the world which crosses the breakeven point before its release by selling rights to distributors. The margin of safety will be reached withing few hours of the movie release. So, I feel that movie being the business is the master of all the studies that are taught in the harvard or LSB.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

India- Land of Politicians

Just by reading this sentence you may feel that I'm going to speak about those filthy politicians or about their cheap tricks. If you are thinking in that manner definitely you are wrong because I'm here speaking about real politicians of India whose thinking is far ahead when compared to our politicians. Here rises a questions as these people are not politician who are they? Where do they live? What do they do?

The answer will be strange but if you start thinking you feel that its true. So come on lets jump into the topic about the perfect politicians.

These politicians are our well wishers who care for us and those who live with us as our neighbors, tenants, owners and several other people who stare at people with suspicious looks and an added flavor of false smile pasted to their lips. These are the people who create relations and are the people who eagerly wait to grab some news from you. These people are faster than news channels in spreading news.

Once I went to a hospital where I first found a politician in my life she came and sat next to me she was speaking to other lady about her health related problems. I have to admire her because she has good patience. She listened to her and after listening to her this lady started giving her advises and made that lady to feel as if she is going to die in a week or so. You find such creative people in every nuke and corner.

The other story line will be from every household it always happens when there is any gathering or any simple meeting. Didi do you know Mr.Reddy's son married some American lady. What a shame!. Then Mrs Reddy enters the scene then the same lady says Vadina (A common word used between two Telugu women) you are really good you've accepted a westerner as your daughter-in-law......again the discussion continues.....

The other people are those who create gossips and who always feel bad when there is any occasion in neighbor's place, and the other people are our mother-in-laws who really feel bad by seeing their daughter-in-laws comfortably sitting or watching TV in order to relax. "I never took rest when I was of your age."Granny adds..

These are some common political things that will continuously happen in our day to day life.......but we never think about these things because these are petty things and we move on and if the same happens in our neighbor's home we cover ourselves in the gown of politician and we discuss and create gossips on others......So India is a land of Politicians in every nuke and corner.....

Soon I'll make some changes in this topic.............


Thursday, January 22, 2009


'Problem' It may actually mean something according to dictionary. But when comes to reality a problem is a burden for a human being. People can't live happily if they have a problem they ruin their happy life by seeing problems in big shape.People forget a simple logic here I will disclose the logic at the end of this post.

When a problem comes to a person he thinks of the problem on the I-Max screen he feels as if he has to bare the burden of the globe on his shoulders. He then feels that he is the only person who is facing a problem(which may be pretty idiotic one or really a big one) on this earth. The next thing which he does is he runs to a person with whom he can share his problems. In actual sense he finds a suitable person and throws his problems on him. After throwing off the problem he feels a bit relaxed. Why because now he is having a friend who travels with him (he may not really help him). Now both will start spreading this problem across in the form of discussion. In other case he will discuss about his problem with a person who has a same problem. If the other person says he has no clue about the solution this fellow feels happy as if he has got an alliance.

In this huge process of increasing the circumference of his problem that person forgets a simple logic which is finding solution. If you find a solution the problem will become smaller and at least we will keep ourselves busy in searching solutions and alternatives for that problem which improves fighting spirits in us and adds experience to our life. Keep one thing in mind that no body has time to think about our problems so we are left with our problems. So the solution which is left aside is finding solution b facing the problem. Don't waste your time in searching people who can share your problem. Keep one thing in your mind that,
each day we are born in the morning and die in the night when we sleep. "So forget yesterday, relish today and fantasize tomorrow" as said by Ram Gopal Varma

Simple logic is thinking about the problem makes you to loose everything in your life but facing it makes you powerful and eminent.

Enjoy solving problems and solve the problems by facing them.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Life .........

Life in dictionary means in existence but it takes one's life to know life and finally he'll end it without knowing it properly.

"Life is a Big word to use when you are still in a learning stage." this is what people say usually when a person speaks about life.'Life is beautiful' somebody gave this quote really life is beautiful for those who makes it beautiful and lovable. In the day to day run we forget that we are here to live for a short time and we forget to make our life peaceful and sweet but few achieve it in a perfect way.

Common man wakes in the morning and ends his day in searching or arranging things and in this process of arrangement he first thinks of a partner after marrying a girl he feels happy he then thinks about having children. He lives and ends his life in arranging several necessities for them. He forgets himself when they grew and when they give a small baby.

This is the cyclical chain of every human being in this world. We run for several things and even we run for surviving because we love to live on this earth we love to stay back on this earth. Death the final truth makes us feel guilty and bad. We love life and we live life happily without thinking about the truth called death.

Few go for simple ways of living and few go in a different way making it big and even large if it is possible. These two kinds of people live their life but what matters here is your way of living if a person is living for himself in his own style that is the beauty of life. There are people who live in making their life beautiful like a Banker who turns into a Painter after returning back to his home, a student who turns into a writer, a Judge who turns into a singer and etc. These are the people who are enjoying their lives even in their day to day battle for food and several other things. We feel that we are lacking some skills or creativity in us and several students across the globe are running to business schools for this. But creativity is not a great thing it is a simple chemical change.

When a person meets several people he will deal people easily it means he got that skill because of traveling between several ideas in the same way creativity is a thought which develops new things which comes to a person when he observes and knows several things. So use your brains do something before you die. Try to achieve what your heart asks you to do. Live life like yourself. Be an example for yourself.
Don't count every hour in the day.Make every hour in your day count.
Enjoy living your life making sound happiness in and around, end it in silence.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why do we wake when danger knocks our door?

After two weeks of Mumbai terror I wanna write something about a common man and our powerful media I mean our news channels which were actively present at Taj and Oberoi hotels.

Firstly I thank all those News Channel people who helped the country in knowing the terror which was happening in Mumbai. Citizens of India were shocked and were terrified with the incident.

Next I congratulate those NSG commandos who worked hard to relieve the people who were there in the terror.

Here I want ask few questions to public media. It may be the print media or our TV channels.
Why you people make controversies on simple issues?
Why you won't allow the officials to do their job?
Why you people are making every bloody possible thing a news?
When it was the duty of NSG commandos to control the situation why the hell you people were running towards them with your idiotic cameramen and mikes. Reporters were shouting as if they were injured, they were creating high drama at the situation in order to panic those people who are sitting in front of the idiotic boxes (Television). If you feel that you are responsible towards society why you've failed in covering the other affected areas of recent Terrorist attacks except Taj and Oberoi Hotels. Press feels that it is highly responsible towards the society and it feels that being the Fourth Estate it can speak anything that is happening in and around. The Journalism which we are having today is clearly a Yellow Journalism which involves in producing wrong information.

Todays media never leaves anyone happy, if there is a death because of some hurricane or any natural calamity they go to the situation with their well attired reporters who can act better than those actors who act in Ekta's serials. These reporters shout in loud voices and will run to the victims of the incident and will question them. Their injuries doesn't really bother them what really bothers them is their money which they get from advertisements. Media knows all those routes to get closer to the news persons but it doesn't know how to manage it and how it should deliver them to people. It says politics are filthy but they never know that in the name of journalism they are killing the power which was given to them, so called Fourth Estate. When you know the route to reach terrorits why can't you help government and police in finding them. You don't want to do this because you want your profit and income. Why don't these people print the stories of filthy politicians or about those people who are ivolved in the disaster that is happening around us it may be corruption or anything else.

There is one more thing media has to think. There is no difference between you police and that bloody common man who is loosing his life. Because you never know what is happening around you even if you know you want to wait for the time where you can make money out of it. You just create chaos but you don't give necessary remedias to come out that situation. Why don't your reporters and make up men help people who are in threat. The simple answer is even they are common human beings but they are blessed with tongue which has no bone. This means that it has no control and these people just shout at what is running there but never try to control it. If some riots are happening you just run to the spot and you give work to your cameras and mouths but you never feel responsible to inform the same to authorities. Not only you several are not doing this so bloodshed is increasing corruption is ruling over.On the other side there is a common man who is sitting in front of a Television. He is always annoyed whenever he watches about some issue or riots in the TV with the great drama produced by the reporters he is bothered about his relatives and friends and he has no other option to move or to try, what he can just do is sitting in front of that idiot box and fearing for his people.

So media please provide hygienic news to us and don't try to show every idiotic news as an issue. If really media works well country will foresee a drastic change. Be responsible to the country first and then think of your news and be a part of country's heritage but not a head ache.

This post is just a try,
By a common man like many other across,